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What is DRM?

DRM (Digital Rights Management) is a comprehensive approach to copyright protection for digital content. It is a must for protecting the video streaming and required by all the major studios and other content providers. The main purpose of DRM technology is the possibility to:

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Horizontal scaling

DRM allows to separate the process of delivering content from obtaining the permission to play. This approach – through the use of CDN (Content Delivery Network) for streaming digital content – allows for the horizontal scaling of CDN infrastructure and consuming the same digital content by unbounded (from technical point of view) number of users.

Our product

Redge Media Cloud DRM is a set of license servers for live and on demand video. Every license server provides API for license acquisition and customization of license parameters. This API is not meant to be used directly by end-user devices, but by a server-side proxy between user device and license server, which handles authentication, authorization and validation of business rules (e.g. if the user is permitted to playback the content). Typically such proxy is a part of an OTT portal.

Redge Media DRM supports all 3 major DRM technologies

We are a certified partner of Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay and Microsoft PlayReady.

The important concept behind Redge Media Cloud DRM is that the process of encryption is independent from DRM system used (PlayReady, Widevine or FairPlay). It allows to encrypt digital content in one way, but acquiring the license (i.e. the right to play digital content) depends on particular DRM technology. The standard of encryption is defined in Common Encryption Specification (CENC).

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Easy to start

Using our Redge Media Cloud platform you can quickly gain access to all 3 DRM license servers. You can also easily authorize a credit card for automatic monthly payments as well as keep track of the number of licenses issued each month. Just enter the Redge Media Cloud Panel and register your account – but, please, read our General Terms and Conditions of Service first.

Built on AWS cloud

Redge Media Cloud DRM offers ultimate scalability and reliability.
Solution is backed by the trusted Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

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We deliver over 2 billion licenses per year


Redge Media Cloud DRM service provides an API which allows for obtaining digital licenses from each of 3 supported vendors. The API is easy to use and well documented – it comes with full examples of its usage.

The complete documentation is available from the Redge Media Cloud Panel. If you have any problems with integrating Redge Media Cloud DRM service with your system, feel free to contact us.

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Our pricing table is completely usage-based – you pay only for the licenses issued per month and nothing more*. The price per license depends on the total volume of licenses issued for you in each billing period (month).

* if your monthly charge doesn’t exceed €0,50 (which accounts for 500 licenses), you will be charged a minimal charge of €0,50.

All prices are net (excluding VAT)

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They trust us


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